SFHub - Silent Freewheel Hub

The SF-HUB is one of the latest products in the Kappstein portfolio. It has a noiseless freewheel and simultaneously excels with an offset of 0 degrees. The immediate frictional connection means that the energy that the driver applies to the pedals is transferred directly to the rear wheel without needing to tread the annoying “empty pedal”. This is made possible thanks to a modified, innovative principle with regard to the conventional roller freewheel. An exceptional riding experience that will never cease to surprise the driver with every start.


The hub feels at home in every area of use. Whether you are out on a relaxed cruise with your city bike, on gravel roads with your cyclocross or traversing sporty downhill passages with your MTB — the hub's special properties will impress you every time you use it. Due to its compatibility with all common gearshift systems, various frame mounts, and the 6-hole disc brake mount, there are hardly any limits to the available combinations.



Material: aluminium
Axle width: 135 mm, 142 mm, 148 mm
Axles: QR12, QR5mm
Cassette: singlespeed, 10-speed, 11-speed (MTB)
Spokes: 32
Freewheel: innovative clamping mechanism
Disc: 6-hole
Color: black
Instant traction
Nearly noiseless
Laser engraved logo
Application field: urban, road, trekking, e-bike



Kappstein Front Hub

The Kappstein front hub is the front wheel counterpart to the SF hub at the rear. It is based on the design of the rear wheel hub and therefore rounds off the entire bike's design perfectly. Thanks to the 6-bolt disc brake mount, compatibility with QR12 and QR15 quick-release axles and the different installation widths, the Kappstein front hub can be used for various purposes. The laser-engraved Kappstein-K on the black anodised finish additionally guarantees an elegant appearance.


Material: aluminium
Axle width: 100 mm, 110 mm
Axle: QR12
spokes: 32
Disc: 6-hole
Color: black
laser engraved Kappstein Logo
Application field: urban, mtb, road, trekking


The SF hub is initially only available for OEMs and selected dealers. As soon as this product becomes available for end users, it will of course also be available in our online shop.