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BLS Track Gear Bag
129,00 € (brutto EU)

Special Kappstein Edition


handmade by Black Line Sprinting
high-quality ripstop water resistant material
high-quality double zipper
9 compartments for chainrings
5 pockets with fastener for sprockets
diverse pockets for tools/small parts 
flap in the middle for more storage space
embroidered Kappstein and BLS Logos
color: black/red
weight: ca. 1kg

This handmade track gear bag is designed specifically for the exclusive market, to fulfil the needs of luxury, elegance, and style of the exclusive class, without losing the sport and high-performance aspect. A must have for any track rider.

Thank you Matthew de Freitas from Black Line Sprinting for this special Kappstein/BLS Track Gear Bag!